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Create posts about XKit. Link to it. Let people know it exists. By linking to xkit-extension.tumblr.com, you are not only helping me get to reach to more users, you are also helping your followers and friends have a better Tumblr experience.

Keep XKit alive!

If you enjoy using XKit, please consider donating. XKit is provided entirely free of charge, but developing it requires a lot of time.
(there are over 15,000 lines of code in the simplest installation of XKit! You can bet that's a lot of code for one man to handle.)

And even though the name "Studio Xenix" sounds like XKit is being developed by a group of rich software developers in suits or something, I'm just one poor student. And not only writing scripts are hard enough, I also provide support, read and reply to each bug report and feature requests.

By donating, you can keep XKit alive. And my cat alive too by helping me buy food for her. Cats are cool.
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Send Bug Reports

Found a bug? Something not working like it's supposed to? Send me a bug by submitting to XKit Extension page on Tumblr. Be sure to add your browser version and name, XKit Framework version (4.x, 5.x...) and other extensions you might have installed. Also, if possible, please copy/paste the XKit Diagnostics Log by going to www.tumblr.com/xkit_log.