Introducing XWidgets.
A brand new way of accessing information on your dashboard.

Neatly hidden.
XWidgets hide on small button pictured on the left until you click on them, taking no screen space whatsoever until you need them.

Need to see what time is it in Manchester? Just click on the arrow, and when you are done, click it again to hide your widgets.
You make it what it is.
Click on a empty slot to select and add a widget you want. You can choose a world clock, a XBigot instance, Google/Tumblr launcher, and New Post icons.

Bored wit it?
Just click on the X that appears when you hover over a widget to remove it.
Always up-to-date.
When you choose to add a new widget, XWidgets contact STUDIOXENIX servers to fetch the latest widgets for you. When a new widget is released, it will be available to you, instantly. No need to update, and no need to wait.
Computer friendly.
The widgets are only run when you open the "Widget Drawer."

When you close it down, all widgets are shut down, to let your computer concentrate on what you are doing. It's not only useful to you, it also helps your computer.
4 Widgets. For now.
Since its just being launched, there is four widgets available at the moment. More will be added, and will be available to you automatically.

If you are curious on what these widgets are...
XBigot: Lets you view your follower, queue, messages and posts count from the Widget Drawer. And it not only allows you to view information about your main blog, but also your sideblogs too.
World Clock: Tumblr is a huge community which attracts people from around the world. Keep track of the time. Pick a timezone, and you are done. World Clock will show you the time of that timezone every time you open the Widget Drawer.
Quick-Go!: Divided into two zones (Google and Tumblr), this widget opens your search queries in new tabs. Want to know what a "Xenixlet" is? Enter it on the Google bar and press enter to get search results. Want to go to the "staff" blog, but can't be arsed with opening a new tab and typing ""? Just type "staff" and press enter on the Tumblr bar.
New Post Icons: A simple widget that allows you to make new posts. Click on a new icon to open it in a new tab, and quickly make your post, without losing your place in the dashboard.
Get it now.
Try it for yourself. XWidgets is now available in XKit Extension Gallery.

To get XWidgets:
  1. Click on the X icon on your dashboard
  2. Click on Extension Gallery
  3. Select and install XWidgets
And you are done! Having problems or have a great widget idea?
Send xkit-extension on Tumblr an ask.

Like it? Support it.
If you like this addition to XKit, or just like XKit in general, please consider donating to STUDIOXENIX to keep it alive.

You can donate via PayPal.